Questions and answers

Why has Netel Group introduced a whistleblowing system?

Netel Group introduced a whistleblowing system to create the ability to report serious misconduct. The purpose is to have an open and secure channel for those who suspect malpractice. This is to quickly identify suspicions, increase public trust, and Netel Group's credibility both internally and externally.

What is the role of Interactive Security?

Interactive Security acts as an external representative for Netel Group's whistleblowing channel. Interactive Security receives and registers all cases so that the notifier has the opportunity to remain anonymous, and acts as a communication channel between investigators and informants. Interactive Security, on the other hand, does not investigate the report.

Who can submit a report?

A report can be made by anyone who, through their work, has observed a suspicious incident at Netel Group.

What can you report?

A whistleblowing system is intended to deal with suspicions of serious misconduct relating to:

  • A work-related event from which there is a public interest or serious misconduct related to
  • Public procurement
  • Financial services, products and markets and the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Product safety and product compliance
  • Transport safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Radiation protection and nuclear safety
  • Food and feed safety, animal health and welfare
  • People's health
  • Consumer protection
  • Protection of privacy and personal data as well as security in network and information systems.

The information received via the whistleblowing system may contain sensitive personal data. Current legislation contains rules on how such privacy-sensitive personal data may be handled. Storing personal data requires specific reasons. Without such reasons, personal data may not be stored.

What can not be reported?

The whistleblower function does not cover bullying, alcohol or drug problems, less serious work environment problems, or anything else that must be reported and handled via Netel Group's regular reporting channels.

Who can you report?

All individuals in a workplace can be registered.

On the other hand, Netel Group must comply with current personal data legislation. In each case, they must make an assessment on whether or not it can be handled further in the whistleblowing system.

Who investigates my report?

All reports are assessed by Netel Group's investigation team.

Thereafter, depending on the nature of the case, an investigation can be initiated either internally or externally.

Can I be anonymous?

You can remain completely anonymous when you submit your report. We then recommend that you log in to the registration page yourself to get feedback on your case.

Can I find out how my case is going?

To get information about your case, simply click on the "Follow up on your case" button on the home page. To gain access to follow-up information, you must have your case number and verification code that you receive when you submit your application. You can also call Interactive Security at 0770-45 56 73 if you need help.

How do I register a subscription internally to Netel Group's whistleblowing system?

There are different ways submit a report:

  • You can fill in the prepared questionnaire at the link
  • You can call Interactive Security weekdays 08.00-16.30. Tel 0770-45 56 73.
  • You can request to submit your report via a physical meeting with a representative of Netel Group's investigation team.
  • By sending a letter with your application to:

    Interactive Security
    Norrgatan 10
    432 41 Varberg
    Label the envelope with “Netel Group”
  • By sending an e-mail with your application

How do I receive updates if I submit a report by mail?

To get feedback when a report is made by mail, you must include your contact information in the letter.

How do I register a report externally to the Authorities?

You can also submit a report to the Authorities responsible for the area where your case applies. With the introduction of the new Whistleblowing Act, authorities have established external whistleblowing channels that you can turn to with complaints.

These authorities are: The Swedish Work Environment Authority, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the Swedish Electrical Safety Agency, the Swedish Environmental Crime Agency, the Swedish Real Estate Inspectorate, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Swedish Public Health Agency, the Swedish Maritime and Water Agency, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, civil protection and emergency preparedness, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, the Government Offices, the Auditors' Inspectorate, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Forest Agency, the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate, the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Technical Control, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and the Swedish Transport Agency.

Freedom of information, freedom of acquisition, prohibition of investigations and prohibition of retaliation

In the event of a whistleblowing case regarding misconduct of public interest, the person submitting the report is covered by freedom of information and procurement as well as protection from investigations and retaliation, in activities where it is relevant. Ex. authorities, municipalities.

Can I get help when I submit my application?

Interactive Security acts with your well-being in mind and can provide support if needed for those who submit their application by telephone.