Data protection information

Any personal information that a report may contain will be handled in the following manner. It is important that you understand how it works.

Controller of personal data: Netel Group are controllers of the personal data in the whistleblower function. Address: Fågelviksvägen 9, 145 84 Stockholm. Telephone: +46 (0) 8-444 74 00. E-mail:

Data processed: The personal data that is processed is the information provided in the reports and the additional information that may be collected in order to conduct a proper investigation. The information may include the name, title and details of the suspected offence.

Purpose of registration: Personal data handled in the whistleblower function is used to consider the report submitted to the system and to investigate whether the targeted persons have been involved in criminal acts or other serious irregularities.

Recipients of the data: Netel Group has limited permissions for access information so that only a specific internal organization may take part in the tasks of dealing with the reports and lead investigations and only if they need the information to perform their work.

Right to records, etc. You may, once per calendar year, receive information of the personal data processed about you in the whistleblower function. If you want this information, you should send a written and signed request to Netel Group. If your personal data is processed in violation of legislation, you may request that the personal data can be corrected, blocked or deleted.